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Natural Touch Photography has been voted time and time again as one of the top wedding photographer in Albuquerque for a reason:

Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence extend far beyond our photography and make us the choice of over 100 brides looking for a wedding photographer in Albuquerque every year since 2006.

Our illustrative and natural style of photography blends together fun and modern photojournalism concepts, the best of the traditional group shots and incorporates the exciting candid images to ensure you get all of the photographs you dreamed of.

Beautifully composed images of the love, laughter, family and friends will be captured on film forever.

Few Albuquerque wedding photographers bring so much experience and knowledge to work for you.

We look forward to working on your vision together!

Guillermo Quijano
Studio Owner
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Wedding photography is all I do, it is my life - and I am excellent at it.
Over 100 couples every year, trust me to capture moments that can never be re-lived because of my excellent attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the intricacies [and difficulties] of wedding photography.
My wedding photography talents come from years of formal photography schooling and from having trained with some of the best studios in New Mexico for years. I only utilize top of the line cameras and lenses for both my main and backup equipment. My style does not adhere to a particular doctrine - it is "my style".


Anyone can have "experience" that doesn't mean it is the right kind of experience.
We have photographed over 1000 weddings in New Mexico over the past seven years, we are formally educated in photography, we trained extensively through mentors before we decided to go on our own and we continue to learn because we take your wedding photography seriously!


Among Albuquerque wedding photographers with our extensive experience, we are by far the most affordable.
But our goal is not to be the cheapest - just to be reasonably priced when considering our formal photography education, the amazing results we produce, our superb customer service and our attention to every detail.


I am fair, fun, flexible, punctual, professional, knowledgeable, creative, patient, prompt, efficient, considerate and I have great urgency in everything I do.

New Mexico is a fun and exciting place! Your wedding photography should be the same.

Natural Touch Photography brings all of the right elements to work for you!


Love your  pictures... FOREVER

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